Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Geneva, Switzerland


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21 Koenders: Today’s crises require flexible diplomacy

According to Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders, ‘There are no quick fixes for today’s challenges: we will have to work long and hard, at international level, to find permanent solutions to the sources of conflict around us.’ The Minister made these remarks in his 2016 policy agenda, adding, ‘This will require dynamic and flexible diplomacy, choices and innovative use of resources, as well as collaboration in old and new coalitions. International diplomacy is working at full capacity, which puts a lot of strain on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but it is vital for our security and prosperity.’

22 Accession of Kazakhstan to the WTO

On the 27th of July, Kazakhstan officially joined the WTO after nearly 20 years of negotiations. The General Council of the WTO accepted all the necessary documents that were prepared by a special working party on the accession of Kazakhstan.

23 International Labour Conference on the Future of Work

On the 10th of June, Minister Asscher visited the International Labour Conference ( ILC) . The annual meeting of the International Labour Organisation ( ILO) on the 1st of June kicked off by Director General Guy Ryder who introduced his report on " The Future of Work".

24 Minister Koenders sounds alarm bell in UN Human Rights Council

Speaking at the opening of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, foreign minister Bert Koenders issued a call for action: ‘The time in which we live is marked by human rights violations on a massive scale,’ he said. ‘Millions of people lack any form of protection. Perpetrators walk free. Opposition leaders fear for their lives in many countries. We need to realise that things are at a historic low. The murder of Boris Nemtsov last Friday is still fresh in our minds. All around the world, large-scale violations must serve as a wake-up call. This is about prevention, protection and prosecution.’

25 ITC to benefit from Dutch-funded junior professionals

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs today announced that it would provide funding for two Junior Professional Officers (JPOs) to work for the International Trade Centre (ITC) in 2015, one from a least developed country and one from the Netherlands. The announcement was made during a visit by ITC Executive Director Arancha González to the Netherlands, where she and Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the JPO arrangement

26 Thank you for Grieving with Us

Last Wednesday was a National Day of Mourning for the people and the Government of The Netherlands. A day also to start to bring the bodies of our fellow citizens and other nationals home in peace and pay our respects after the terrible fate they suffered on board Malaysian flight MH17.

27 Air disaster in Ukraine

The Netherlands is deeply shocked by the terrible air disaster involving flight MH17. We moun all those who were on board, whatever their nationality.

28 Dignity, Equality and Freedom

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is candidate for the UN Human Rights Council (2015-2017). At the Council’s 25th session the Netherlands Human Rights Ambassador, Mr Lionel Veer, stated that ‘the Netherlands believes that the Human Rights Council bears a great responsibility in the promotion and protection of human rights. Human rights need to be protected, both in our own country and internationally’

29 Minister of Agriculture meets Kofi Annan and signs letter of agreement

Minister Sharon Dijksma (Agriculture) and Kofi Annan met during the signatory ceremony in Geneva of a letter of agreement to further increase the cooperation of AGRA and the Netherlands.

30 Great respect and deep sympathy on the passing of Nelson Mandela

'There are no words for this moment; we can only look back with gratitude,' said Prime Minister Mark Rutte on hearing the news that Nelson Mandela has died.