Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Geneva, Switzerland

Look back at last week HRC33

The Human Rights Council’s 33rd session has come to an end. During three intense weeks, the Human Rights Council (HRC) worked hard to find agreement on resolutions regarding the safety of journalists, equal participation in political and public affairs, countering terrorism, transitional justice, the prevention of Human Rights violations and regarding country specific situations like Sudan and DRC.

With the adoption of 31 resolutions, the Human Rights Council has taken important steps in addressing human rights violations around the world. 

During the last week, states discussed numerous country situations, amongst which the human rights situations in Yemen, Ukraine, Libya, Sudan and Burundi. On the latter, The Netherlands expressed their deep concern and condemnation of the numerous human rights violations, stating: 

We call on all sides to put an immediate end to violent acts and human rights violations and abuses. We furthermore call on all sides to refrain from inflammatory statements, inciting to violence, and ethnic tensions.

The council adopted a Burundi resolution calling for the establishment of a commission of inquiry in Burundi. 

On Yemen the HRC adopted a resolution which allows for the expansion of OHCHR’s independent investigative capacity in Yemen and a strengthening of the cooperation between OHCHR and the Yemeni national investigative commission.

The Netherlands strongly support OHCHR’s call for better access, in the overall protection of human rights and the accountability of those who violate them, and stress the importance that civil society remains a key partner in the promotion of human rights for all.